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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Senate Bill 7, which shifts the Medicaid waiver services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities over to managed care organizations, has passed the Senate is has passed the House as of May 21. However, while in the House one of the representatives amended the bill in a major way. Representative Turner amended the bill by eliminating the redesign advisory committee, which would have been the mechanism for stakeholder input into what they new system will look like. Below is a copy of the letter that I sent to my representative about this as well as Representative Raymond, who oversees the House Human Services committee. Feel free to cut and paste and share with your elected leaders.

“I hope that this finds you both well.

As you are both aware, the House has been voting on SB7. Yesterday Representative Turner amended the bill by striking the IDD redesign advisory committee. This is a huge concern and without that committee I as a parent am unable to support this bill.

As you both know from my previous communications and visits with you, I feel that stakeholder input is absolutely critical to the long-term success of this bill for the state and for the people that will be receiving services. Without that stakeholder input, the state does now know what this population needs or how it experiences services. Without this input, the state does not know if managed care organizations are providing the services and the environment that this population needs. The redesign advisory committee provided an accountable mechanism to providing and receiving stakeholder input. Sweeping this into another committee that is not designed for this purpose is criminal.

Many parents like myself and many advocacy groups supported SB7 only because of the presence of that advisory committee. If that has been eliminated, then I can no longer support that bill and I strongly urge that Representatives Sanford and Raymond both withdraw their support of the bill.

Thank you for your time.”